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The Filmmaker Fund


Lucchy is the story of a child guitar prodigy and a rock and roll roadtrip through America, as seen through the eyes of undocumented immigrants.  Lucciano Pizzichini was eight when he left his mother’s side in Hialeah, Florida.  He and his father entertained thousands of people playing sidewalk to sidewalk, city to city.  Eventually, they shared the stage with some of America’s biggest recording acts.  After getting invites from the likes of Leno, Letterman and Oprah, Lucchy was on the cusp of celebrity.  While auditioning for talent agents, his immigration status was revealed and his dreams of stardom were put on hold.  Director Pablo Levinas  kept filming as the little boy with the magic touch became caught up in the morass of American immigration policy. 

Directed by

Pablo Levinas

Produced by

Pablo Levinas, Writer / Producer Mark Monroe, Editor Martin Singer